Insanely Good Food at 5 (Affordable) Restaurants in the Area

Insanely Good Food at 5 (Affordable) Restaurants in the Area

We live in a region where agriculture is present everywhere, from the grandparents with a little plot of land, that strive to produce small quantities and distribute to their families as a hobby, to the farmers that produce in large quantities to take to the market the freshest veggies and fruits, as demanded by the locals. 

We searched and tried multiple restaurants to find the ones that bring this culture of seasonal, fresh ingredients, to the table at great prices, check them out below!

If you visited any of them please share your experience in the comments section, we would love to hear about it.

1. Cantina
I have to say this restaurant not only uses premium ingredients but has also an amazing atmosphere for any kind of guests visiting (great for couples, groups, families you name it). Although in a very small room, when you enter cantina and see the lit up candles, fresh herbs on the windows, the amazing baked pizza smell in the air, the very courteous owner and his team - that stay calm even with the biggest queues of hungry guests at their door - before you even give your first bite you can feel how amazing the place is, just wait till you do.

2. Bar do Bruno
After a recent refurbishment of the place Bar do Bruno, went from a bar/night club to one of the best beach front restaurants in Baleal. Only using the finest ingredients, you will not only find the best burguers, piadinnas and salads in town but also some of our traditional dishes with a quirky touch like the spicy mussels.
3. Taberna do Ganhão
Opened this year and already among the locals favourite spots, the food is delicious you can go the tapas way or get the special dish of the day, very simple, delicious and fresh. Not to mention the location, with privileged view to both bays.

4. Solar dos Amigos
Also one of our favourite places in the region, it is hard to find but completely worth to. The family owned restaurant that started in a small room with the main fire place where you could see your meat being grilled, has now 3 large new rooms that are always full, mainly with locals that want to eat the the true traditional Portuguese food - growing mainly with the mouth to mouth recommendations. 

5. Maratona 
If you want to try something different, a revolution of the traditional Portuguese culinary then Maratona will surprise you. The service has is highs and lows but the food is always delicious.